Community Support

The following people, organizations, and businesses have been essential in the creation and ongoing success of Sober Sisters Recovery. They have provided services, support, and assistance to our residents, their families, our staff, and the house itself.

A special thank you to Eastern Propane, Chinburg Properties, and DF Richard Energy

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David & Karen Della Penta

David and Karen believed in our mission since day one when Sober Sisters Recovery was still just a dream, and they continue to champion our cause today. Their support and generosity help to provide our women with a safe structured sober home.

From helping us furnish the house to sponsoring our annual golf scramble, David and Karen have helped us financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s difficult to put into words the level of support that David and Karen have provided over the years, working along side us to make this home a beautiful, blessed success.

Sober Sisters Recovery would like to extend our deepest gratitude to David & Karen Della Penta.


The Seacoast Alliance for Emancipation (SAFE)

The Seacoast Alliance for Emancipation (SAFE) works to educate the public about the opioid epidemic and to support organizations who work on the frontlines of the SUD fight. They also educate elected officials and community leaders in an effort to drive the positive change that will save lives.

We are so grateful to SAFE for supporting Sober Sisters Recovery in our mission. They have gone above and beyond to help us, especially through the trying Covid years. (Photo: Executive Director Moné with Jen and Henry from SAFE)


The Waysmeet Center

The Waysmeet team, Chuck, Alyssa, and Larry, are truly family to us. Every single week, they provide the most amazing food supplies to the farm, helping our residents in ways that are hard to put into words. With a secure supply of good, healthy food comes a sense of comfort, safety, and stability that simply cannot be understated.

The Waysmeet Center is an amazing organization! Based at the University of New Hampshire, the center is an open and inclusive campus ministry that works to empower individuals through social, emotional, and material support.

Their goal is to create just and sustainable communities by alleviating the impacts of material, emotional, and spiritual poverty. The Waysmeet Center does this through direct service, education, and community building, as well as by fostering dialogue in our communities and providing sanctuary to individuals who need it.


Family Restored Logo

The Family Restored

The Family Restored is non-profit organization that supports families affected by addiction through family support groups, 12-step workshops, and by offering financial scholarships to help pay for treatment and recovery housing for those who cannot afford it.

The Family Restored selects and partners with the highest quality treatment centers and sober living facilities in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire that utilize an abstinence-based 12-step model of recovery. Sober Sisters Recovery is proud to be an official Treatment Partner of the Family Restored, and we are extremely grateful for the support that they have given us.


The Pelican Intervention Fund

The Pelican Intervention Fund is a non-profit organization that provides funding for residential Twelve Step programs to economically challenged men and women struggling with substance use disorder.

The Pelican Intervention Fund works to lower the financial barriers that prevent men and women from being able to begin their journey to recovery. They collaborate with organizations like SSR as well as community volunteers, law enforcement, and policy makers that share their goals of addressing SUD providing hope for true, long-term recovery. They have been a huge support to us, especially during Covid.


Charles & Mary Rosa – Chucky’s Fight

Sober Sisters Recovery connected with Charles Rosa of Chucky’s fight when we first opened. Chucky’s Fight has supported many of our residents by providing scholarships towards rent. Charles and Mary Rosa continue to be a huge support to our executive director, Moné Cassier, and the entire Sober Sisters mission.

Chucky with SSR Director Moné

Chucky’s Fight is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth about the dangers of substance use disorder. In addition to providing scholarships to help people enter recovery programs, Charles Rosa also provides educational and support services to people of all ages, including: substance abuse presentations, one-on-one & family consulting/mentoring, interventions, program placement, and life skills.


Ray McGarty – McGarty & Associates

Ray McGarty provides supervision for our staff and offers neurofeedback counseling services at their Dover Point Road office. Our executive director, Moné Cassier, has worked with Ray for years and credits him with being one of the essential supports to the success of SSR.

Raymond McGarty, MS MLADC LCS BCN, owner of McGarty & Associates, has been in the behavioral health field for many years. His primary area of expertise has been addictive disorders and trauma. He has run many treatment programs throughout the United States, including serving as the Clinical Administrator of the Betty Ford Center.

Located in Dover, New Hampshire, McGarty & Associates is board certified in the field of neurofeedback, a drug-free, non-invasive process that can help relieve anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, and more.


Donna Marston – Sharing Without Shame

Donna Marston C.R.S.W. is a recovery support coach for parents of children with substance use disorder. Moné Cassier was blessed to be introduced to Donna in the winter of 2017. She has been an amazing resource for the parents and families of the residents of Malley Farm.

Donna found her voice and her passion after years of dealing with her son’s heroin addiction. Donna is the founder of Families Sharing Without Shame and Parents Sharing Without Shame. She is also the author of “Peeling The Onion” and “Just for Today.”

Donna works with parents in New Hampshire and all over the country. Her personalized Parent Support Group Program is for parents who want more support than what a weekly group meeting can offer. As a Personal Support Coach, Donna provides parents with honesty and care, educating them about addiction, recovery, enabling, coping skills, and positive communication skills. Donna also offers guidance on managing anger, stress, and anxiety.

DONNA’S WEBSITE:  |  FACEBOOK: @peelingtheonion

John Eldredge – White Birch Recovery Services

John Eldredge, LICSW, MLADC, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Master Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He is the owner of White Birch Recovery Services, PLLC. Both John and White Birch Recovery Services have been, and continue to be, a huge support for Sober Sisters Recovery.

White Birch Recovery Services offers mental health and addiction counseling, trauma therapy, MLADC evaluations, neurofeedback, and impaired driver aftercare services in Dover, New Hampshire. John believes in creating a strong, collaborative, therapeutic alliance with his clients, empowering them to create life-long positive change.


Kimberly Shannon

Kimberly Shannon is a long standing friend and support to Sober Sisters Recovery.

She has worked at Northwestern Counseling and Support Services in St. Albans, Vermont (a residential group home for transitioning psychiatric patients) where she taught independent living skills. She also worked at Headrest in Lebanon, New Hampshire as a residential program assistant and hotline counselor and has worked as a legal assistant to a family attorney and tax attorney for five years.

For the last five years, Kimberly has been pursuing her interest in the medical field working as an ophthalmic/surgical technician for Clear Advantage in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We are lucky to have her as part of our community!

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

NH Charitable Foundation

The NH Charitable Foundation’s New Hampshire Tomorrow initiative is a program created to increase economic and social mobility for young people in New Hampshire. The NH Charitable Foundation provided Sober Sisters Recovery with a $10,000 grant for a generator, allowing us to remain safely in the house no matter the weather! Our generator is a prized possession, and we are so very grateful NHCF!

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is a statewide community foundation, managing a collection of nearly 2,000 charitable funds created by generous individuals, families, and businesses across New Hampshire. They award more than $40 million in grants and scholarships every year.


Kristen & Jeff Palleiko – Curio Museum Design

When our website went down, we googled local web developers and happened to call Jeff Palleiko. It was 10:30 on a Saturday night and he answered. Within minutes, Kristen and Jeff were both looking into the situation and trying to find a solution.

Within a day, our contact forms and donation links were working again. Within a week, we were up and running with a brand new, beautiful website. Sober Sisters Recovery is so grateful to Kristen and Jeff for all of their hard work in recovering, repairing, and redesigning our site. We especially want to thank Kristen for all of the attention and care that she put into this project to show the true essence of Sober Sisters at Malley Farm.

Kristen Palleiko owns Curio Museum Design, and Jeff Palleiko is owner and creative director of Blackfly Interactive. They live and work together in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.

Additional Gratitude

We are blessed and humbled to have the support of community members, business owners, and organizations from all over the Seacoast. Sober Sisters Recovery would not be possible without the incredible generosity of: